Memorial Lutheran Church understands that the world, and specifically our community, has become increasingly more violent and it and its membership and guests may be subject to crimes against persons and property. Indeed, churches across the nation have experienced crimes to which the average criminal today holds no conviction to exempt a church from any criminal goal or intention.  Nonetheless, the likelihood of a violent or criminal event while certainly possible if not probable is much less likely than events such as medical emergencies and natural calamities which are more likely to be experienced with varying degrees of seriousness.  To that end a ministry team has been established and is trained to handle a broad range of emergency and non-emergency situations.
The Memorial Lutheran Church’s LIFE/SAFETY Ministry is purposed with the task of ensuring our membership and guests are safe from harm.  It is charged with the duty to create and maintain a safe place for all our members and visitors to worship our Lord and participate in the general fellowship of the Church. The Ministry has a broad range of responsibilities ranging from the physical security of our members, guests, and facilities as well as the health and safety of all including, food services, special events (both on church property and off). Staff is trained in a diverse set of skills including: First Aid/CPR/AED, Food Safety, Active Shooter/Fire Control/Earthquake preparedness, evacuation, etc.
During worship services as well as fellowship events, the Ministry attempts to remove distractions from members and visitors concerning personal safety and property protection so that attention can be devoted to worshipping the Lord during services.  In addition, in the event of an emergency situation, the Life/Safety Ministry team is trained to provide all necessary exigent leadership and support to affect a positive outcome.
Members interested in joining the Life/Safety Ministry Team will have a strong desire to serve people, will be willing to put another’s well-being and safety ahead of their own, will commit to ongoing life-safety-related training, and most importantly, will be team-oriented.