Bible Study

First & Second Monday Women's Bible Study:   2:00 pm
Leader: Mary Castrey
Second & Fourth Monday Men's & Women's S.A.L.T.*: 6:30 pm
Group: Leaders: Beverly Hohman - 718-8587 and Frank Geuder
Study generally held at the Hohman and Geuder home. This meeting “travels” from member to member’s homes. Please call for location of meeting.
Tuesday Morning S.A.L.T.* Group: 10:00 am
Leader: Lowell Norris
The study will follow the 2017 Church Year lectionary - Series A. After the April 25th class there will be a summer sabatical to meet up again in the fall
Tuesday Women's Bible Study - 9:30 am
Leader: Eileen Swanson
Study and discussion.
Tuesday Women's Bible Study - 7:00 pm
Leader: Inez Bauer
Study and discussion.
Wednesday Morning "Grow in Christ" - 9:30 am
Leader: Jim Wulf
A study in Proverbs.
First Thursday Young At Hearts Bible Study - 11:00 am
Leader: Pastor Adams
If you are 60+ years young and want to enjoy a wonderful Bible Study with a delicious potluck luncheon, come to the Bethel Wing on the first Thursday of the month. Please do join us, all are welcome
Second Friday Nurturing Your Faith: Prayer Bible Study - 6:00 pm
Leader: Paul & Kim Schmidt
This is a four session series exploring the role of different types of prayer in the believer's life. Prayer of intercession, gratitudeconfession, and praise are considered in various scriptual settings by highlighting a particular prayer's context, who offered it, and why. An opening video featuring Rev. Don Everts prefaces each session and gives context to what follows. Contact Paul Schmidt, 503-901-1124 with any questions.
Third Saturday Men's Bible Study and Breakfast 8:00 am
Leader: Pastor Dan Adams
Current Study Topic: "God's Call on Our Life." Enjoy a wonderful breakfast and fellowship as we study what God has in store for us.